How to update wordpress to new version?

Why should update wordpress

Update your wordpress core and theme will increase the security, Nearly 20% of the web running on wordpress So hackers are always looking for hole get in to your site. Lets move to update wordpress to new version

Advantage of the wordpress update.

  • Increase security
  • Fix bugs
  • Add new features and functionality.

Update WordPress to New Version

Step 1: Click on updates


wordpress variation easily update from your admin area.When the new variation is available that will shown on the left sidebar with red mark.

Step 2: Click on update now

How to update wordpress to new version

Read carefully and Click up updates now

How to update wordpress to new version

Is every thing done smoothly ,Shows the message WordPress Successfully upgraded.

Steps to follow When updating WordPress

    1. Upgrade and updates Should be done only in off peak time, depends on the low traffic time.

    2. Backup your site

    3. Deactivate the caching plugin

    4. Update your plugin and theme

    5. Reactivate the caching plugin

    6. Check your site after the wordpress update

You may get Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded wordpress when updating wordpress. Find Solution .

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