[!] The `master` repo requires CocoaPods – Update Cocoapods

[!] The <code/>master repo requires CocoaPods – Update Cocoapods” width=”660″ height=”264″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-297″ /></p>
<p>Sometime you may get following error message from Cocoapods – Xcode – Rubygems.</p>
<div class= [!] The master repo requires CocoaPods 0.32.1 –
Update Cocoapods, or checkout the appropriate tag in the repo.

(here 0.32.1 is example version. that’s may any version like 1.18.1)

So you want to update your Cocoapods version. Are you know “How to update Cocoapods?“,

For update your cocoapods use following codes,

$ sudo gem update cocoapods

Are you wanna update to pre-release version ( not a pre-version ), use following code,

$ sudo gem update cocoapods --pre

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