How to change tomcat port number?

Tomcat’s default port number is 8080. Sometime we have conflict with port numbers. The Famous Port conflict is Skype vs WAMP. For avoid some problem, we need to change Tomcat’s port number.
How to change the port number of Tomcat - step to install
You may use any platform, it’s may Windows, Ubuntu – debian, eclipse, xampp, linux, netbeans or else. You may use any version of Tomcat 9, 8, 7 6 or below. But, We are having only one simple step that should fix you tomcat port issue.

Step 1:

First go-to conf folder, by following way.

Here, Tomcat 9.x is Tomcat Installation folder. It’s depend upon your Tomcat Installation.

Step 2:

In that folder, Find server.xml file and open for edit.
In that file You can see following code,(example code given, parameter may change)

Step 3:

Here change port=”8080″ to port=”420″. Not only ‘420’, you may change any port number. Before that, make confirm whether that port using by any other service.

Step 4:

Last and Important step. Stop and Restart your Tomcat. Don’t forget this step. Cool!!!

How to change the port number of Tomcat?

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