Difference between Emulator and Simulator

Difference between Emulator and Simulator

Emulator and Simulator often confusing the audience with its similarity phrases usually happens in terms of students who are in their way to reach project modeling. Below provided are the major differences between an emulator and simulator.


A simulator is one which behaves as a system not necessarily implemented with all the features but the much needed features to act similar to its design. A simulator is usually occupied with functions that you need to prove the system working perfectly and the design can be approved. Often the cost to reproduce the system itself should be very high is the reason to implement the much needed features only in a simulator.
A flight Simulator is the very best example to make you understand that what a simulator is. Though it’s have the features to act as a flying machine or an air plane not necessary to have all the cockpit wiring, structures as well and of course you won’t feel that you are travelling in a plane.
Increasing demand of updated technology often makes it difficult to create the prototype with all its features as per the design, so a simulator is the easy way to reproduce the system with its basic features or else the imitation of the true product.
Major applications of simulators include Electronics, Military and defense applications, Training and Education etc.


If the simulator is imitating its true design the Emulator is a complete system functioning exactly as mentioned in its design specifications most probably in a different set up of hardware or software.
Major applications of an Emulator is in software field or little more clearly embedded systems, often software updates need to be checked and confirmed where there is the use of an Emulator, reproducing the system for major software updates often a difficult task or more cost involved. So an Emulator can be used to approve the new software with its already tested hardware and software components.

As a conclusion, in a simulator the targeted system is imitated with its best possible way but not necessary with all the features. At the same time in an Emulator the scenarios are recreated underlying hardware and software components may be or may not be same with the original one.

I think, now you understand Difference between Emulator and Simulator. Right???

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